Environmentally friendly, better fuel economy, large heating capacity, attractive, clean burning and modern fireplaces for South Africa.

We at Modemlink invite all dealers in Stoves in South Africa to take advantage of our offer to you of the most awesome range of Stoves from one supplier in RSA.

Modemlink is the importer of the largest range of closed system stoves servicing the whole of South Africa.

Modemlink offers a range from entry level to the very best available with in excess of four hundred different models to choose from.

A selected range is kept in stock in South Africa and all other units can be sea or air freighted on demand.

All spares such as door glass, rope seals, adhesives and paints are kept in our warehouse for all units we stock in South Africa.

Stainless steel flue systems are also available for the most challenging of installations for all units we stock.

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Invicta Mandor

Invicta Mandor



Invicta Aratos

Invicta Aratos

The Invicta Aratos is a sleek neat tall unit with a large window and large fire making interior. thi..